Mission & Values

At the Information Epidemiology Lab (InfoEpi Lab), we recognize access to accurate information as an intrinsic human right and a cornerstone of individual autonomy and free will. We steadfastly defend this right by countering unethical influences in all their manifestations.

Promoting Autonomy and Free Will

We are dedicated to safeguarding and advancing the fundamental right to accurate information untainted by manipulative mediums, messages, and messengers. Intentional deception that coerces individuals into making decisions they wouldn’t otherwise make is a grievous breach of personal autonomy. Our work focuses on identifying, analyzing, and countering the tactics used by those engaging in unethical influence.

Interdisciplinary Perspective

We practice and promote interdisciplinary research that combines knowledge, methodologies, and insights from multiple disciplines to address complex issues. We firmly believe that no single field or group holds all the answers to the increasingly complex problems that society now faces. Through collaborative efforts, we will find the most comprehensive, practical solutions.

Commitment to Non-partisanship

As a nonpartisan organization, we neither favor nor promote any political groups. Non-partisanship is a value that enables us to engage with the whole of society credibly. Through this collaborative approach, we work toward a world where information empowers rather than misleads.

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