Bookmarking & Start Pages


October 1, 2023


April 28, 2024


This page lists various bookmarking and start page tools that can help you organize and access your favorite websites, links, and content. Bookmarking tools allow you to save and categorize web pages for easy access, while start pages provide a customizable dashboard for quick access to frequently visited sites. Whether you’re looking to streamline your online research, save articles for later reading, or create a personalized homepage, these tools offer a range of features to suit your needs.

  • Anytype Clipper: Allows users to clip and organize information directly from the web into a private, customizable workspace.

  • Standard Notes Clipper: An extension for Standard Notes, enabling users to quickly save web content and notes securely.

  • Airtable Clipper: Offers a web clipper that lets users save and organize web content directly into Airtable bases, which are highly customizable databases.

  • Bibsonomy: A social bookmarking and publication management system for collecting, organizing, and sharing bookmarks and scientific papers.

  • BookmarkOS: A cloud-based bookmark manager for organizing and accessing bookmarks from any device.

  • Booky: Organizes bookmarks with personalized recommendations to discover new content.

  • ChannelKit: Allows users to save and organize web content into collections for collaboration.

  • Clipix: Saves and organizes bookmarks, documents, and other web content for easy sharing.

  • Curabase: Organizes bookmarks and offers personalized content recommendations.

  • Diigo: A tool for saving, annotating, and sharing web pages and notes.

  • Evernote: Captures, stores, and shares notes, web pages, and documents across devices.

  • Dropmark: Organizes web content into visual collections for easy sharing and collaboration.

  • eLink: Creates and shares curated web content, newsletters, and web pages.

  • FAVable: Saves and organizes bookmarks with personalized recommendations.

  • Instapaper: Saves articles and web content to read later across devices.

  • Juxtapost: A visual tool for organizing web content into collections.

  • Klart: Organizes web content visually in collections.

  • Linkman Pro: Syncs bookmarks across multiple browsers and devices.

  • Linkstash: Organizes bookmarks using tags and keywords for easy searching.

  • LiveBinders: Digital binders for organizing and sharing web content, files, and documents.

  • Memonic: Captures, stores, and shares notes and documents across devices.

  • Microsoft OneNote: Captures, stores, and shares notes and web content across devices.

  • OnePage: Simplifies saving and organizing web pages with one-click bookmarking.

  • Papaly: Organizes bookmarks into shareable collections.

  • Paperwork: An open-source document manager for storing and organizing documents.

  • Pearltrees: Organizes web content into a personal link database.

  • Pocket: A service for saving articles and content to read later on any device.

  • Raindrop: A visual tool for organizing web content into collections.

  • Refind: Saves and discovers links and articles through a personalized feed.

  • Curates and publishes content on various topics.

  • Scrible: Supports research and writing with web content annotation and organization.

  • Sitehoover: Organizes links to favorite websites.

  • Stache: Organizes and searches through saved web content.

  • A personal start page for organizing and accessing bookmarks, feeds, and web content.

  • Thinkery: Stores and organizes ideas, web links, and to-do lists.

  • Trackplanet: Organizes links by tags and folders.

  • Wepware: Organizes links to favorite web apps and services.

Start Pages

  • AllMyFaves: A visual directory of popular websites and bookmarks.

  • Awesome New Tab Page (ANTP): Customizes the new tab page with widgets, apps, and bookmarks.

  • iGoogle: Was a customizable homepage with various Google widgets and feeds.

  • ighome: Mimics the iGoogle interface with personalized dashboards of news, widgets, and RSS feeds.

  • iloggo: A simple web-based tool for organizing frequently visited websites into an easy-to-access grid.

  • Kadaza: Shows popular websites and allows customization of the start page.

  • My Yahoo: A personalized news dashboard with access to various Yahoo services and content.

  • A start page for accessing favorite websites with customizable icons.

  • Netvibes: Customizes and monitors social media feeds, manages projects, and curates content in real-time.

  • Protopage: Allows users to create a personal start page with news feeds, bookmarks, and widgets.

  • Speed Dial 2: Enhances the new tab with a customizable page of favorite links and backgrounds.

  • A minimalist start page for organizing favorite links in a simple and accessible way.

  • Customizes a personal dashboard with widgets for bookmarks, news feeds, and more.

  • Symbaloo: Uses tiles to visually organize links, perfect for educational settings or personal use.

  • A customizable start page with feeds, bookmarks, weather, and more.

  • Yourport: Offers a clean, customizable interface for managing favorite web links.

  • Zeadoo: Personalizes your start page and bookmarking tool for easy access to favorite websites.

  • Zenstart: Provides a minimalist start page with quick access to favorite links and a search bar.