General Search


October 1, 2023


April 28, 2024

This document provides a list of general search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, as well as lesser-known options such as Ecosia and Mojeek. It also includes advanced search techniques, such as using operators like “cache:” and “filetype:” to refine search results.

Advanced Online Searching

Query What it does
cache:[url] Shows the version of the web page from the search engine’s cache.
related:[url] Finds web pages that are similar to the specified web page.
site:[url] Finds pages only within a particular domain and all its subdomains.
intitle:[text] or allintitle:[text] Finds pages that include a specific keyword as part of the indexed title tag. Note: You must include a space between the colon and the query for the operator to work in Bing.
Finds pages that include a specific keyword as part of their indexed URLs.
Finds pages that contain the specific keyword in the meta tags.
filetype:[file extension] Searches for specific file types.
Searches text of the page.
inanchor:[text] Search link anchor text
Search for a specific region.
altloc:[iso code] Searches for location in addition to one specified by the language of the site (i.e., pt-us or en-us)
feed:[feed type, i.e. rss] Find an RSS feed related to the search term
hasfeed:[url] Finds webpages that contain both the term or terms for which you are querying and one or more RSS or Atom feeds.
ip:[ip address] Find sites hosted by a specific IP address
language:[language code]
book:[title] Searches for book titles related to keywords
Searches for maps related to keywords
linkfromdomain:[url] Shows websites whose links are mentioned in the specified URL (with errors)