Image OCR and EXIF

This document lists various OCR tools for extracting text from images, including I2OCR, Free Online OCR, OCRmyPDF, ABBYY FineReader, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Google Cloud Vision OCR, Microsoft Office Lens, and Tesseract OCR. Additionally, it includes a tool for analyzing image metadata, Vortimo EXIF.

  • I2OCR: An OCR tool that can extract text from images in over 60 languages.
  • Free Online OCR: A free OCR tool that can convert scanned documents and images to editable text in various formats.
  • OCRmyPDF: A tool that adds OCR text to PDF files.
  • Online OCR: An OCR tool that can recognize text in images and convert it into editable text in various formats.
  • ABBYY FineReader: A comprehensive OCR software that enables accurate text recognition and conversion from various sources, including scans, photos, and PDFs. It offers advanced features such as layout retention, language detection, and document comparison.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro: Adobe Acrobat Pro is a powerful PDF editor that includes built-in OCR capabilities. It allows you to recognize and extract text from scanned documents or images and convert them into editable text. Additionally, it offers advanced PDF editing features and document management capabilities.
  • Google Cloud Vision OCR: Google Cloud Vision OCR is a cloud-based OCR service offered by Google. It provides accurate text recognition and extraction from images and supports various languages. It also offers additional features like document structure analysis and handwriting recognition.
  • Microsoft Office Lens: Microsoft Office Lens is a mobile app that acts as a portable scanner with OCR capabilities. It allows you to capture documents, whiteboards, or photos and converts them into editable text. It integrates with Microsoft Office applications for seamless document editing and sharing.
  • Tesseract OCR: Tesseract OCR is an open-source OCR engine that supports over 100 languages. It can be integrated into various applications and provides accurate text recognition from images, scans, or PDFs. Tesseract OCR is widely used and continuously developed by the open-source community.
  • Vortimo EXIF: Vortimo EXIF is a free, open-source tool for forensic analysis of images. It allows users to view and analyze image metadata, including EXIF data, GPS coordinates, and other information. The tool is useful for digital forensics, law enforcement investigations, and other applications that require detailed image analysis.