Productivity Tools

Task Management Apps

  • Todoist: A popular task management app with features like due dates, reminders, and collaboration options.

  • 2Do: A task management app that helps you stay organized and productive.

  • A todo list app with features like reminders, calendar integration, and collaboration options.

  • Bear: A beautiful and flexible writing app for note-taking and prose on Apple devices.

  • MyLifeOrganized: A task management app with features like hierarchical todo lists, reminders, and goal tracking.

  • Things: A task management tool for Apple devices that’s both powerful and easy to use.

  • A simple online todo list and task manager.

  • Toodledo: A powerful task management app with features like customizable task lists, reminders, and collaboration options.

  • Tweek: A task management and collaboration tool designed for remote teams.

Project Management Tools

  • Asana: A project management tool that enables teams to organize and track their work.

  • Basecamp: A project management and team communication software.

  • ClickUp: A productivity platform that provides task, document, and goal management.

  • Dapulse: Now known as, it is a team collaboration and project management platform.

  • Producteev: A task management and collaboration tool for teams.

  • Quire: A visual collaborative platform for task management.

  • Trello: A flexible project management and collaboration tool based on boards, lists, and cards.

  • Wrike: An online project management and work collaboration tool.

Time Tracking Apps

  • Clockify: A free time tracking software.

  • Focus booster: A Pomodoro technique timer app to enhance focus and productivity.

  • Harvest: A time-tracking software with invoicing and expense tracking features.

  • RescueTime: A time tracking and productivity tool that provides insights into how you spend your time on digital devices.

  • Toggle: A time tracking app to measure and analyze how you spend your time on different tasks.

  • Tomighty: A desktop timer app based on the Pomodoro Technique for better time management.

Collaboration and Communication Tools

  • Airtable: A versatile platform blending the simplicity of spreadsheets with the complexity of databases.

  • Droptask: An intuitive task management and collaboration tool with visual workflows.

  • Evernote: A note-taking app that lets you capture and prioritize ideas, projects, and todo lists.

  • Figma: A collaborative interface design tool that enables multiple designers to work together in real-time.

  • Loom: A video messaging tool that helps teams communicate more effectively.

  • Miro: A visual collaboration platform that offers tools like digital whiteboards.

  • Notion: An all-in-one work-space tool that includes notes, databases, wikis, and task-boards.

  • Slack: A real-time messaging tool for team communication.

  • Taskade: A real-time collaboration platform for teams to manage tasks, notes, and projects.

Productivity and Focus Enhancers

  • Forest: An app that helps you stay focused by planting a virtual tree while you work.

  • Good night Chrome: A Chrome extension to limit distractions.

  • Leechblock NG: A Firefox extension that blocks time-wasting websites.

  • StayFocusd: A Chrome extension that restricts the time spent on distracting websites.

Other Productivity Tools

  • Flask: A micro web framework for building web applications with Python.
  • Freecamp: A free project management tool for personal and team use.
  • GitKraken: A cross-platform Git client with a visual interface.
  • Pintask: A simple and collaborative task management tool.
  • PomodoroTechnique: A time management method using a timer to break work into intervals.
  • Remember the Milk: A to-do list app with task prioritization and reminders.
  • Restya: A project management and collaboration platform.
  • Taskboard: A Kanban-style task board for personal or small team use.
  • TikiTiki: A simplistic task management app.
  • Tinygain: A habit tracking app that helps build positive routines.
  • Todo: A task management app by Microsoft with device syncing.
  • Workflowy: An outlining tool for organizing thoughts and tasks.