Social Media Tools

This document lists various social media tools for digital forensics, monitoring, and social media analysis. The tools are categorized by platform, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Telegram. Each tool is briefly described, and some are marked as operational or not.

  • Audiense: A tool to identify relevant audiences, discover actionable insights and inform strategies to grow your business.
  • Bottlenose: A real-time trend visualization and analysis platform.
  • Brandwatch: A social media listening and analytics platform.
  • Buffer: A social media management platform that allows users to schedule and publish content across multiple social media platforms.
  • BuzzSumo: A tool that provides content insights to generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor performance and identify influencers.
  • CrowdTangle: A social analytics tool owned by Facebook to track how content spreads online.
  • Geocreepy: A tool that provides location information of social media content.
  • Geofeedia: A tool that provides location-based social media monitoring and intelligence.
  • Hashtatit: A tool that allows users to search for hashtags across multiple social media platforms.
  • Hootsuite: A social media management platform that allows users to manage multiple social media accounts, schedule and publish content, and track social media performance.
  • IDCrawl: A people search engine that searches for a name in popular social networks.
  • Klear: A social intelligence platform that provides insights into social media audiences and influencers.
  • Kribrum: An online reputation management tool.
  • Mail.Ru Social Network Search: A social network search engine from the Russian internet company Mail.Ru.
  • MustBePresent: A tool that allows users to track who is present or absent from a Twitter chat.
  • Netvibes: A multilingual Ajax-based personalized start page or personal web portal.
  • Oblivion: A tool that collects public and private user data from social networks.
  • OpinionCrawl: An online tool that identifies sentiment and opinion in online news and blogs.
  • Profil3r: A tool that collects a target’s profiles on popular websites from an email or a username.
  • Rival IQ: A competitive analytics tool that tracks your competitors’ activities on social media, SEO keywords, and website content.
  • SocialBakers: A social media marketing platform offering analytics, planning, content intelligence, and ad insights.
  • SociaBlade: A website that tracks social media statistics and analytics.
  • Social DownORNot: A tool that checks the status of various social media platforms.
  • SocialGrep: A Reddit search engine/analysis tool “signals out of the social web of noise.”
  • Social Searcher: A free social media search engine that allows you to monitor all public social mentions on social networks and the web.
  • Sprout Social: A social media management tool created to help businesses grow their social media presence.
  • Tagboard: A social search and display platform.
  • Trackur: An online reputation and social media monitoring tool.
  • UVRX: Provides search across various social networks.
  • WATools: A suite of tools for WhatsApp, including a contact finder and a social media analyzer.


Updated the loss of Twitter tools through (June 18). The highlighted items have not yet been checked. If it’s not highlighted and not crossed out, then it’s still operational:



  • Hashtagify: A tool for analyzing and finding the most popular hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Iconosquare: A tool for managing and analyzing Instagram accounts, including insights into follower demographics and post-performance.
  • Osintgram: Osintgram offers an interactive shell to perform analysis on the Instagram accounts of any user by its nickname.
  • Picodash: A tool for analyzing Instagram accounts, including insights into follower demographics and post performance.
  • SnapMap: A tool for visualizing and analyzing Snapchat activity on a map.
  • Social Rank: A tool for analyzing Twitter and Instagram followers, including insights into followers’ interests and locations.
  • Sierra: A tool for analyzing and visualizing Twitter user networks.
  • Toutatis: A tool for analyzing Twitter data, including tweet sentiment analysis and network analysis.


  • Pingroupie: A search engine for finding and analyzing Pinterest group boards.


Tools to help discover more about a Reddit user or Subreddit.

  • Imgur: The most popular image hosting website used by Redditors.
  • Mostly Harmless: Mostly Harmless looks up the page you are currently viewing to see if it has been submitted to Reddit.
  • Reddit Archive: Historical archives of Reddit posts.
  • Reddit Suite: Enhances your Reddit experience.
  • Reddit User Analyser: Reddit user account analyzer.
  • Subreddits: Discover new subreddits.
  • Reddit Comment Search: Analyze a Reddit user by comment history.
  • Universal Scammer List: This acts as the website portion for the subreddit /r/universalscammerlist. That subreddit, in conjunction with this website and a Reddit bot, manages a list of malicious Reddit accounts and minimizes the damage they can deal. This list is referred to as the “USL” for short.
  • Reddit Comment Lookup: Search for Reddit comments by Reddit username.


Perform various OSINT on the Russian social media site VKontakte.

  • Дезертир: A program to download audio and video from VKontakte.
  • A collection of tools for analyzing and searching VKontakte.
  • Report Tree: A tool for analyzing the repost history of a VKontakte post.
  • Snradar: A tool for searching for pictures on VKontakte based on the time and location they were taken.
  • VK5: A tool for searching for specific content on VKontakte.
  • VK Community Search: A search engine for VKontakte groups.
  • VK Parser: A tool for searching for a target audience and potential customers on VKontakte.
  • VK People Search: A search engine for VKontakte users.
  • A tool for monitoring VKontakte activity and collecting data.



  • FTL: Browser plugin that finds emails of people’s profiles on LinkedIn.


  • 4CAT: 4CAT is a data analysis tool for Telegram. It provides features for searching and analyzing large amounts of data from Telegram channels and groups.
  • AWESOME Telegram: A curated list of open-source intelligence tools and resources for Telegram.
  • Archiving Telegram: A guide on how to archive Telegram content for research and documentation purposes.
  • Communalytic: Communalytic is a platform for social media analysis, including Telegram. It offers various analytics and monitoring features to understand user behavior, engagement, and trends.
  • Junkapedia: Junkapedia is a platform that provides information and resources related to Telegram. It includes guides, tutorials, and tips for using Telegram effectively.
  • Telegram Nearby Map: Telegram Nearby Map is a web application based on OpenStreetMap and the official Telegram library. It allows you to find the position of nearby users on Telegram.
  • Telegago: Telegago is a Google Advanced Search specifically designed for finding public and private Telegram channels and chatrooms. It helps you discover relevant Telegram communities based on your interests.
  • Tgstat: Tgstat is a platform that provides statistical data and analytics for Telegram channels. It offers insights into channel growth, engagement, and audience demographics.