Verification Chrome Extensions

This document lists 18 Chrome extensions for verification, including tools for fact-checking news articles, identifying and blocking trackers, translating text, scraping data, performing reverse image searches, and accessing archived versions of web pages.

  • Chrome extensions: Extensions for enhancing Chrome’s functionality.
  • CrowdTangle Link Checker: Allows you to check the performance and engagement of links on social media.
  • Extensions Manager: This enables you to easily manage and organize your Chrome extensions.
  • FirstDraftNewsCheck: Provides tools for verifying and fact-checking news articles. This organization sunset in January 2023, so the extension likely will degrade over time.
  • Ghostery – identify Google AdSense IDs: Enhances privacy by identifying and blocking trackers, including Google AdSense IDs.
  • Google Translate: Translates text or web pages to different languages.
  • Instant Data Scraper: Scrapes data from websites and exports it to CSV or Excel formats.
  • InVID-Fake video news debunker: Helps identify and debunk fake news videos. The Twitter SNA tool attached to this will continue to work after the API changes of 2023.
  • Keep for Chrome: Integrates Google Keep with Chrome for note-taking and organization.
  • Map switcher: Switches between different map providers for web-based mapping services.
  • RevEye Image Search: Performs reverse image searches to find similar images or their sources.
  • Storyful Multisearch: Allows simultaneous searches across multiple social media platforms.
  • Treeverse - Visualize Twitter Conversations: Visualizes Twitter conversations and threads for better understanding. This may not work after the Twitter API changes in 2023.
  • Truly Media: Collaborative platform for verifying user-generated content.
  • VideoVault: Allows you to save, organize, and watch videos in a secure vault within Chrome.
  • Wayback Machine: Accesses archived versions of web pages using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.
  • Web Archives: Provides easy access to web archives to view historical website versions.