Web Capture and Archives

This document lists various tools and services for web capture and archives, including Archive-It, http://archive.is/, HTTrack, Wayback Machine, and Webrecorder.

  • Archive-It: Developed by the Internet Archive, this subscription service allows users and institutions to capture and archive collections of digital content.
  • Archive.is: This service allows you to create a snapshot of web pages that will remain accessible even if the original page disappears.
  • BlackWidow: An application that serves as a tool for webmasters and developers to extract crucial data from web pages.
  • CachedPages: This online platform allows users to access and view cached versions of web pages.
  • CachedView: Another platform enabling users to view cached versions of web pages.
  • HTTrack: This is a free, easy-to-use website copier enabling users to download a website from the Internet to a local directory.
  • Pagefreezer: This SaaS platform offers website, social media, and enterprise collaboration network archiving.
  • Perma.cc: Used by scholars and authors, this tool allows the archiving of web references to prevent link rot in scholarly work.
  • Stored.website: This website provides archiving services, allowing users to store web pages for future reference.
  • Stillio: This service enables users to capture website screenshots at scheduled intervals automatically.
  • Wayback Machine: A comprehensive tool that allows users to explore the historical versions of a website.
  • Wayback Machine Archiver: This tool enables the saving of web pages from the Wayback Machine.
  • waybackpy: As a Python package and command-line tool, waybackpy interfaces seamlessly with the Wayback Machine APIs.
  • Webrecorder: This tool provides high-fidelity, interactive recordings of any web page you browse, preserving the content for later access.