Corrections Policy for InfoEpi Lab


August 29, 2023

At the Information Epidemiology Lab (InfoEpi Lab), we are dedicated to accuracy, fairness, and clarity in all of our content. All content sees at least one reviewer and goes through the standard editorial processes. Still, “to err is human.”

When errors occur, we commit to correcting them promptly and transparently. This corrections policy outlines our approach to acknowledging and rectifying mistakes.

Error Types

Errors may be identified by our staff, readers, or external entities. We encourage our readers to report inaccuracies or ambiguities they observe in our content through the Contact Us page.

Minor errors: These are typographical mistakes, minor factual errors that don’t alter the overall understanding of the content, or image misplacement.

Major errors: These include factual inaccuracies that change the interpretation or understanding of the story, misquoted sources, or misrepresented data.

Correction Process

Minor errors: These will be corrected immediately online with no additional note, given they do not alter the story’s essence.

Major errors: Corrections will be made immediately upon verification of the error. A correction note will be added at the bottom of the article explaining the change.

Printed Content

For errors appearing in printed content, corrections will be published in the next available issue in a designated “Corrections” section. We do not anticipate this being our primary medium but it exists should the need arise.

Digital Content

Corrections will be made directly within the digital content. If substantial edits are required, a note will be included at the beginning or end of the article, post, or piece, detailing the nature and date of the correction.


Writers and editors are responsible for the accuracy of their work, and that means being accountable to the public. If we err, we own it.


Corrections, retractions, or apologies will be clear and straightforward, without attempting to hide or downplay our errors. All content published by the InfoEpi Lab that receives a major edit, defined in line with major and minor errors, has a “modified date” listed, so that readers can see when it was last updated; however, because this is automated, be aware that it may sometimes not, and perhaps mostly not, reflect a significant change. If someone opens the file with the text and presses the space key, that will lead the modified date to change to that day.


At InfoEpi Lab, we believe that acknowledging our mistakes is a part of our commitment to truth and transparency. Our readers, partners, and the public deserves nothing less than accurate, high-quality information, so we will strive to deliver that.


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