This page contains both earlier work from InfoEpi Lab contributors and content from outside organizations that align with the mission of InfoEpi Lab. The first section contains tools for research and writing online. The second contains content with the tool or resource tag from the InfoEpi Lab Posts page.

InfoEpi Lab Tools Library


This library is based on several other tool libraries, including but not limited to the “Awesome-OSINT” list on GitHub, Bellingcat’s resource spreadsheets, and the Commander Girl page.

Academic Resources
Annotation Tools
Books and Reading
Calendars and Scheduling
Cloud Storage and File Sharing
Code Search
Collaboration and Project Management
Communication Tools
Company Research
Dashboard Tools
Data Visualization and Infographics
Data and Statistics
Dictation and audio
Digital Publishing
Digital Storytelling
Document and Reference Management
Domain and Website Research
E-mail Management
Facial Recognition
File Search
Forums and Discussion Boards
General Search
Government Data
Grey Literature
Image Editing
Image OCR and EXIF
Images (Stock)
InfoEpi Lab Tools Library
Investigating People
Keywords Discovery and Research
Language Tools
Major Social Networks
Meta Search
Mind Mapping
Miscellaneous Tools
National Search
News Digest and Discovery Tools
Newsletter Tools
OSINT Collection
Other Tools
PDF Management
Pastebin-like Websites
Phone Numbers
Presentation Tools
Privacy Tools
Productivity Tools
Project Management
Radio and Podcasts Tools
Search Offline
Search a Visual and Clustering Engine
Search for Blogs
Search for Documents and Slides
Search for Experts
Search for Image
Search for Jobs
Search for Similar
Search with Specialty Engine
Social Media Tools
Social Network Analysis
Social Network Analysis
Start Pages
Threat Intelligence
Username Check
VPN Services
Verification Chrome Extensions
Verify Email
Video Search and Tools
Web Automation
Web Capture and Archives
Web Monitoring
Writing and Office Tools
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