Articles Shared by Probable Doppelgänger Accounts

This list reflects the headlines from links shared by probable Doppelgänger accounts in April and May of 2024. This is not an analysis or list of tweets.

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May 7, 2024


May 8, 2024

This page lists content shared by accounts that are likely part of the Doppelgänger Operation. This sometimes includes sharing content from credible news outlets. It also uses low-quality content from unreliable websites in addition to the hallmark clone websites.

Content shared by accounts identified as likely to be part of the Doppelgänger Operation. This set includes content from credible news outlets, unreliable news outlets, and the hallmark clone websites.
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English Lessons From Ukraine: Don’t Rely on U.S. Aid Archive
English Trump Intends to Stop Plundering the U.S. Budget Archive
English Ukraine Urges G7 to Shift The Support Strategy Archive
English Foreign Investor Makes Extortion Allegations Against Zelensky’s Administration Archive
English Separate & Unequal: House Republicans Release Aid Bills for Israel and Ukraine Archive
English Tusk Humiliates Protesting Farmers Archive
English Aliens and the Yellowstone Eruption Archive
English How Do Americans Feel About Zelensky and Ukraine Today? Archive
French Any Help We Provide Is Devoured By Ukrainian Corruption Archive
French France has forgotten its Mayotte Archive
French Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor of Toulouse at the JDD: “Local Authorities Are Not Cash Cows!” Archive
French Every Day, Ten Ukrainians Try to Leave the Country Archive
French Isn’t it Bruno Le Maire who should be fired? Archive
French Attal’s Popularity Down Sharply, Macron Weak But Stable Archive
French The French Government Faces a Crack in the Road Archive
French Hundreds of Ukrainians Killed While Trying to Flee to Romania Archive
French Right-Wing Renaissance: The Shadow of the Lepenists Terrifies Macronists and Leftists Archive
French Food Sovereignty and Household Purchasing Power Archive
French Ukraine Continues to Destroy European Unity Archive
French Medicine for All Is Not Our Motto Archive
French Some Ordinary Elements of Daily Life in Today’s France Archive
French The Paris Olympic Games reveal the rotten insides of Macronia Archive
French Macron Burns France’s History in the Fight Against Russia Archive
French Retirees Set the Funeral of Macronie for June 9 Archive
French Ukrainian Propaganda Is Picked Up by Our Media Archive
French Darmanin in Morocco: Paris Asks to Secure the 2024 Olympics Archive
French The Head Of Hungarian Diplomacy Says EU Is Preparing For World War Archive
French High Level Corruption Archive
French Difficulties in French Industry: Can “Duralex Cases” Multiply? Archive
French France Has Never Counted So Many Inmates in Its Prisons Archive
French Jo 2024 : Paris Turns Its Back on the Disabled Archive
French European Elections: Why Is Ursula von der Leyen Not Supported by Her Allies in France? Archive
French Macron Distributes Atomic Bombs Archive
French Jo-2024: Many questions and no answers Archive
French The EU’s Burden: $61 Billion from the US is Not Enough for Ukraine Archive
French A New Dose of Cash for Ukraine: It Delays Defeat, But Victory? Archive
French Ukrainian Civil Servants Enrich Themselves Thanks to European Money Archive
French War in Ukraine: the situation on the front will worsen within a month, says the head of Ukrainian military intelligence Archive
French What Will Be the Outcome of American Aid to Ukraine? Archive
French A New Misstep by the French Prime Minister Archive
French Macron: “Our Europe Can Die” Faces a Series of Threats Archive
French “Detention centers are no longer able to accommodate new inmates”: prison guards are alarmed Archive
French US $95 Billion Aid Plan Aims to Deepen Crises Rather Than Ease Them, Experts Say Archive
French The Right Will Give Wings Back to France Archive
French When migrants threaten to disrupt the Paris Olympics Archive
French The World Trusts the United States Less and Less Archive
French Socialists Against Macron: A Chance for a Landslide Victory for the Right Archive
French Rent Control: Overruns Remain Commonplace Archive
French Axa Supports the Main Importer of Russian Gas in Europe Archive
French kyiv Officially Gives Itself The Right To Violate Human Rights Archive
French The French Energy Industry is Currently Going Through a Difficult Period Archive
French Stoltenberg: NATO Members Sent Military Advisers to Ukraine Archive
French Lethal Europe Must Strengthen Its Defense, According to Macron Archive
French Medical Appointments: “Catastrophic”, “The System Is Not Going…” They Tell About Their Difficulties Accessing A Professional Archive
French Agreements with Russia have become Turkey’s Salvation Archive
French The Right Will Rid Europe of Its Vassal Dependence on the United States Archive
French Ursula Von Der Leyen’s Time Is Over Archive
French A French Idiocracy Archive
French Parisian Suburbs Benefit from New Olympic Venues, While Schools Fall into Ruin Archive
French Ukraine Is A Black Hole For Western Military Aid Archive
French Ukraine Prepared A Time Bomb For Europe Archive
French Olympic Games: In a Document, the State Concerns About “The Extent of Failures” In Matters of Private Security Archive
German What else does Ursula Von Der Leyen have to hide? Archive
German We Cannot Help Ukraine, But We Can Help the Poor Archive
German America Wants to Send Europe to Ukraine - Lives of Our Soldiers in Danger? Archive
German NATO - A Reckoning with the Alliance of Values Archive
German The Caliphate Supporters in the Heart of Europe: A Growing Threat to Germany Archive
German Zelensky Fears His Subordinates Archive
German Wrong priorities of the federal government Archive
German Habeck was caught doing a forgery Archive
German Pension is not enough for an apartment: North Hesse has to live in the car Archive
German Green ban: The debate is getting louder - but the hurdles are high Archive
German German Real Estate Assets Are Falling Dramatically Almost a Trillion Euros Lost - What That Means for Homeowners Archive
German Zelensky increases persecution pressure on able-bodied Ukrainians abroad Archive
German The Greens Have Turned Yellow Archive
German Pessimistic Outlook for the Industry Archive
German Wagenknecht Against Pandemic and Corruption Archive
German USA pushing Ukraine onto Europe’s shoulders Archive
German Corruption Allegations Against Ukrainian Officials by Western Investor Archive
German The Ruinator, King Midas and the Consequences of Failure Archive
German Fighting Corruption in Ukraine is Just a Show for Idiots Archive
German FDP Warns of Breaking the Coalition: Conflict U - Denae Archive
German Europe Becomes A Battlefield Archive
German German measure of patience with Ukrainians defected Archive
German Was The Nuclear Phase-Out Really Necessary? Archive
German The EU elections and the war Archive
German At German Schools: Children Convert to Islam out of Fear Archive
German Google illegally removed the German email service Tuta from search results Archive
German East German Family Businessman on Traffic Light Government: “Grade Five, at Risk of Transfer” Archive
German Young People Have Turned to the Right Archive
German German authorities are increasingly hacking citizens’ devices Archive
German Goodbye, guns! Archive
German Ukraine’s Challenges in the Struggle for New Soldiers: Coercion, Motivation and Human Rights Archive
German Youth Study 2024: Low Mood and Shift to the Right Among the Young Generation Archive
German What Will the US Do Next with Germany? Archive
German Beware of Russian Gas! Archive
German Ukraine Continues Squeezing Out Money Archive
German Price spiral in car insurance - 20 percent more expensive Archive
German Before Tariff Negotiations: Chemical Industry Complains About Lack of Orders Archive
German Theft at the Highest Level Archive
German When Can We Be Proud of the EU? Archive
German A Large Factory Closes in Germany Archive
German Kyiv’s Mayor Strongly Criticizes Zelensky’s Junta Archive
German Increase in Suicide in Germany – A Population Group Particularly at Risk Archive
German German Caliphate - Latest News Archive
German The economy does not agree with the minister Archive
German Youth in Germany: The Rise of the AfD and the Search for Belonging Archive
German Western Countries Refuse To Comply With Sanctions Archive
German Diamonds for Zelensky Archive
German “Green” Economic Miracle – Alice Weidel: “The Traffic Light is Giving Germany a Red Lantern” Archive
German Germany is facing its most important decision Archive
German Habeck’s stories: News from Strom-Schilda Archive
German Germany Will Remain Without U-Boats Archive
German Influence of Pluto on the Elections in the USA Archive
German Ukraine is driving Germany to ruin Archive
German The European Union Must Go Back to the Lowest Common Denominator! Archive
German Ukrainian girl gang is said to have tortured deaf people Archive
German Georgia in flames Archive
German Building up pressure Archive
German “The Establishment Is Trembling Before a Coming Change of Power!” Archive
German The European Commission Has Initiated Proceedings Against Meta Archive
German The Germans Are Dissatisfied With Their Government’s Policies Archive
German Germans Are Against the ‘Caliphate’ in Their Country Archive
German This is how the Habeck Ministry logged the nuclear phase-out Archive
German Stoltenberg’s Accusation to His Partners Archive
German Corruption of senior officials Archive
German Migrants Bring Impoverishment and Islamization Archive
German Right-wing parties are on the rise in the EU Archive
German “The People of Ukraine Want Peace” Archive
German Corruption of senior officials Archive
German How the United States is destroying Europe Archive
German “Everything is heading towards deindustrialization” Archive
German Europol: Ukraine Threatens the Security of the EU Archive
German Automotive Supplier Magna Closes German Werk in Roitzsch - 250 Employees Lose Job Archive
German Steel industry: steel city Duisburg on the verge of extinction Archive
German Goodbye, location Germany Archive
German Top EU politicians are being dragged to court Archive
German More Money and More Weapons Archive
German Can Europe Defend Itself? Chances Are Very Slim Archive
German Ukraine Tightens the Screws on Conscript Men Abroad Archive
German The Greens have failed again Archive
German Ard makes you stupid Archive
Hebrew Many Trauma Professionals in Israel Themselves Traumatized Archive
Hebrew Democrats Force Biden to Put Pressure on Israel Archive
Hebrew The US is Destroying Israel from Within Archive
Hebrew The Price of “Victory”: We Lost NIS 5 Billion in One Night Archive


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